We even go on about some stories that are
just so un-fucking believable, that they must be true,
because there is no way that we could make this shit up!
You are going to want to fly over here just to check it out!

Im sure you have heard some stories, or maybe even met some
business or military guys who spent some time over here,
and they mentioned how great it is.

Well, let us tell you again:

It is fucking great to live in South East Asia!

Have you ever wanted to be in Roppongi
(a big night spot in Tokyo, Japan. It ROCKS!),
walking past the Mister Donut, you wave at a girl inside,
she waves back, and you go inside. Maybe, you give her a quick chat,
then go outside with her, and directly to a hotel,
where you proceed to bang the hell out of her all night.
The next morning, she pays for the room, and gives you
her phone number, asking to please call her soon?

You know WEVE DONE IT!

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