I really liked Moby's cute face, it just says:
"Stick your dick between my lips, 'cos I'm a sex slut!"
I think her dad was from Brazil and her mom was Thai.
She was really nice to talk to.
I could imagine spending a week with her on holiday,
and relaxing as she slowly gives me blow jobs.

Before making this video, I had saved up a good load of cum in my
balls, as I had not had sex for two days. I wanted a good cum shot.

So ... she sucks away and I blast my load into her mouth and she
holds it all inside, then swallows the lot, and gives me a big smile.
She says that is the first time she done that, like she is really glad
to have done a good job. I did not have the heart to say that was
exactly not what I wanted, but what the hell? On the video, you
can hear a big gulp as she chokes slightly on the big cum ball
gagging her mouth.

To make up for loosing the cum shot, I told her to let me fuck her
anal hole. She said okay, like it was totally normal. Quick as a
flash I lubed her shitter and forced a good two inches inside,
pulled back, and slid up into her lower bowels.
What a nasty fuck.

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